cloverleaf gluten free pizza

Gluten-Free That Tastes Great.

Cloverleaf Pizza invented our great-tasting signature pizza crust – so of course we would be the first to create a gluten-free pizza option that tastes just as great! Our chefs have worked hard to develop a flavorful, textured crust that’s just as satisfying and delicious as our regular crust. It’s a great 100% wheat-free alternative, made from premium-grade ingredients, cooked to perfection – and designed to satisfy, bite after bite.

Finally, there’s a truly gluten-free alternative to traditional wheat flour-based pizzas – one that tastes every bit as good as it looks. Apart from the crust, we use the same premium hand-sliced meats, vegetables and cheeses as we do in our traditional pizzas. Careful preparation and cooking delivers a taste that customers love. Try it today!

About Cloverleaf Pizza’s Gluten-Free Items:

Cloverleaf Pizza strives to ensure the safety, comfort and satisfaction of all of our guests, and we offer gluten-free menu items to accommodate guests with specific allergen and dietary needs. However, ours is not a gluten-free kitchen, and many of our standard menu items contain naturally-occurring gluten. Small amounts of these ingredients may be present in our gluten-free menu offerings. While we strive to prevent cross-contamination to the greatest degree possible, we cannot guarantee that this will not occur. We ask that guests with special dietary requirements consult with their health care professional to determine their tolerance for possible trace amounts of gluten before ordering.