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Experts Agree: Cloverleaf Pizza Is BEST.

Who knows pizza best? The people who eat it. And throughout southeast Michigan, pizza connoisseurs agree—nothing beats a delicious Cloverleaf pizza.

Cloverleaf Motor City Square pizzas are often imitated – but never equaled. Our recipe and are cooking methods have stayed the same since 1946 for a reason: This is the pizza that people like best – and the way we make it makes it right.

Cloverleaf customers come back again and again, generation after generation, for the same great deck oven pizza taste that we perfected nearly seven decades ago. For some, it’s the crispy, flavorful crust. For others, the premium hand-sliced ingredients. Some love our signature sauce. Perhaps it’s just all of the above.

Whatever the reason, people can’t keep away from our often-imitated, never-equaled original Motor City square pizza. They tell us so every day – so we’ll let them tell you.

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