In 2014, Ray was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer. His wife Gwen recently has been diagnosed with Tachy Brady Syndrome. Ray has chemo and radiation treatment daily, and due to treatment has lost a significant amount of weight. Ray is weak, but determined to stay strong for his wife Gwen.

We are not sure if Ray and Gwen have ever heard of Cloverleaf Pizza, but this story touched our hearts. Over the years we have been blessed by our community supporting our business, and we would like to give back to this family. We need your help. Cloverleaf Pizza will be raising money for Ray and Gwen until they can afford to get on their feet. Money can be dropped off at any of our locations- just ask for a manager and tell them the money is for Ray and Gwen. We will deliver the funds to Pastor Debbie Burgess of Calvary Missionary Church in Pontiac bi-weekly.

Thank You for Your Contributions!

Calvary Missionary Church
1361 Giddings • Pontiac, MI 48340

Funds will go towards these items for Ray & Gwen

An Apartment they can afford on a limited budget

A Car – as they can no longer afford their car payment

Transportation to the laundromat

Ensure Drinks, 2-3 daily to promote weight gain

Healthy Foods – due to Ray’s restricted diet

Visa Gift Cards to Walgreens for prescriptions

An Eye Exam for Ray

A Chair/Stool that can go in the shower to support Ray